Iwata UD Font presented as a new eye-friendly font

Iwata UD Font presented as a new eye-friendly font.

Iwata Corporation, in joint development with Panasonic Corporation (former Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.), has completed the Iwata UD Font, an eye-friendly font based on the viewpoint of universal design.

The font will be released on July 10 and a press conference and PR presentation were held (June 27, 2006 at Toshiba Ginza Building ).

Attracting many attendees from newspapers, publishing companies, manufacturers, as well as universal design researchers, the presentation was extremely successful.
At the presentation, Mr. Mano, a design engineer and a leader of the universal design team at the Panasonic Design Company, a group company of Panasonic Corporation, gave a detailed explanation on Panasonic’s efforts in universal design and the examination of fonts from the viewpoint of UD. Director and Technical Manager Mizuno from the Iwata Corporation spoke about the development and digitalization of the UD Font.

Participants exhibited their high expectations for the Iwata UD Font by continuing to ask questions.