Iwata UD Font wins Good Design Life-Scape Design 2009

The Iwata UD Font wins the Good Design Life-Scape Design Award 2009 (granted by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry).


The Iwata UD Font (24 families of font) was awarded the Good Design Life-Scape Design Award, (granted by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry). The Life-Scape Design Award is a special prize for a design that has achieved a high degree of perfection leading to a style based on sensibility and value for the current era that is supported by consumers, chosen from among all of the candidates and the winners of Good Design Long Life Design Award. The UD Font was ranked No. 21 among about 3,000 applicants.
Iwata Corporation will sincerely commit to the activities that contribute to consumers, industries and society under its social responsibility as a corporation that leads in universal design fonts.

Award number: 09E12004
Field/category: Network field – Software for professional use/public use
Name of winning product: Font [Iwata UD Font] (24 font families as below)

  • Iwata UD Gothic for Labeling (L/R/RA/M/B/E/H)
  • Iwata UD Gothic for Body (L/R/RA/M)
  • Iwata UD Round Gothic (L/R/M/B/E)
  • Iwata UD Mincho (R/M/D)
  • Iwata UD Mincho Kana A (R/M/D)
  • Iwata UD Newspaper Mincho
  • Iwata UD Newspaper Gothic

Jury’s comments on Iwata UD Font
In an industry first, Iwata developed the UD Font, which is useful for increasingly miniaturized devices and beneficial for users with declining visual acuity. The power of the design of the UD Font greatly contributes to the digital infrastructure.