Launching Iwata Universal Design Font

Launching of the Iwata Universal Design Font, the font developed from the viewpoint of universal design

Iwata Corporation has developed jointly with Panasanic Corporation (former Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.) the Universal Design Font (UD Font) based on the viewpoint of universal design. The product was launched as Iwata UD Font on July 10th.

Iwata UD Font is characterized by the following:

  • Easy to read for the amblyopic and those who have dyslexia
  • Rarely misread even with smaller sized characters
  • Good legibility even with modifications (such as a compressed character style)
  • High designability that keeps the beauty of the typeface

Panasonic group conducted detailed research and also decided specifications of this UD Font with Iwata New Gothic as the base font. Iwata developed and digitalized the font based on the specifications. There are two families of new Iwata UD Gothic: one for Labeling and the other for Body. The family for Labeling offers L/R/M/B/E/H while the font for Body has L/R/M based on the appropriate weights individually.

After the OpenType Font is released in July, it will be followed by TrueType font and CID font in October.
The family of Iwata UD Round Gothic will be marketed by spring 2007.
Panasonic group officially adopted UD Gothic R/M as a Panasonic Universal Design Font (PUD Font). The font used for the control display panels of the group’s new products for the domestic market will be standardized into the PUD Font sequentially from fiscal 2006.