Adobe Releases Source Han Serif: Iwata Extends Japanese Ideographs

Adobe Releases Source Han Serif: Iwata Extends Japanese Ideographs

Adobe Systems Incorporated released Source Han Serif in partnership with Google, with Iwata responsible for designing additional ideographs for Japanese (April 3, 2017 PDT, April 4, 2017 JST).

Iwata Corporation (3-2-9 Iwamotocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President & Representative Director: Akira Mizuno) announced that the company has designed additional ideographs (kanji) for Japanese that are included in Source Han Serif, whose release was announced by Adobe.

Source Han Serif is the second open source Pan-CJK font family released by Adobe in partnership with Google. Source Han Serif forms a font family that supports the glyphs necessary for East Asia, meaning for Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Korean. Adobe partnered with Iwata to design glyphs that vary by language, appreciating the need to work with an established type foundry with such knowledge and experience.

Source Han Serif is designed to improve legibility on devices with small screens, such as mobile phones and tablets, but its use is not limited to such devices. It also could work well in literary text.

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Google simultaneously released the same fonts under the name Noto Serif CJK as part of the Noto font family.
For more information about Noto Serif CJK, see the blog article issued by Google.

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